Thevar people ( Thevar literally meaning "Aristocrats" in Sanskrit) collectively forms the Mukkulathor (meaning: people of the three clans). native to the Southern districts of Tamil Nadu The name "Mukkulathor" alludes to the three roughly designated groups, Agamudaiyar, Kallar, Maravar which make up this large endogamous social group. Kings are addressed as Thevars during the Chola and Pandyian dynasty some constitute as vikings and warriors of Tamilakkam. Kallars and Maravars were inhabitants of the Palai region during the Sangam period. The literature during the Sangam period divided the regions based on climate and topography. Palai was mainly a desert-like region with little to no rain.


Nowadays, Mukkulathors are found majority of all over the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. There is also a small community in Chattisgarh where they migrated to during British rule. The Royal houses of Sivagangai, Ramnad and Pudukkottai all belong to the Mukkulathor community.


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